Monday, June 13, 2005

About this Blog -revisited-

About this Blog

Hi! This is Miguel and I'm a Journalist apprentice. 22 years old, living in Madrid. As I speak both Spanish, English, French and Italian, I also like to read news from those countries.

My favourite online papers:

  • In Spain (politically critic) (left wing paper, good Opinion by the outsiders)

  • In the U.S. (the one and only)

  • In France (left-wing-ish updated daily)

  • In Italy (Right wing, an italian classic)

I would pick up as well which is an Argentinean one. Been there, too.

SO what's the purpose of this Blog anyway? News comment weekly (picking one from each country) and have it done in the language of origin. This blog is, of course, open to anyone for further treatment of the news and will begin to operate by July.

Hope you enjoy!