Saturday, September 08, 2007

Back on track (week 45)

It's been long. It's been too long. And here we are, six months after our last edition. We did our best to keep up with the most urging needs, but we are back, and possibly, we're back for good.

Let's not forget that, next year, two important elections are coming: in Spain, we have the opportunity to kick Zapatero's arse as far as we can from government, and in the US we have the chance NOT TO have Obama or Billary to become the president...

It's been also a terrible period, where Prodi has consolidated his rule in Italy, even if he's been shaking a bit in the domino tower that is the Italian government.

Let's focus, however in what we'll be bringing in this edition: for Spain, a small sum'up of what are you gonna find if your turn your Tv (don't do it!!!) during the news: a socialist government that wasn't ready to give the country away to some small-time terrorist, and a government unable to deal with the upcoming economic crisis. Thanks a buch, minister Solbes... Thanks a lot, ZP.

In the US, We've come to see that one of the candidates to the Elections in the Republican side, Fred Thompson, whose website is here, has some serious possibilities on becoming the next Rep candidate, along with Giuliani. Heck, if it was decided on Facebook, this guy would get away with it! In his intro speeech I liked some things, like the part of the "will of the nation", some economic considerations, specially when it comes to healthcare, but I missed the usual in some reps: COJONES. what are you gonna do to end the wet-foot/dry-foot, Mr. Thompson? Probably nothing, but again, you're not different from most in your party. Let alone the dems, for once.

Well, this is it for this week. Hope you catch on quick, as we've done.

I'm Miguel Vinuesa and this is news to me!

Who needs Dems?

Who needs Dems?

I was completely amazed this summer at how even the most respected British review abroad, The Economist, had given up on the remote possibility of the Republicans winning yet another election, next year.

Well, of course, with omnipresent media like the CBS and the New York Times, anyone would be poised to think that there’s a Democrat Dawn going out, while the Republicans are at their sunset for the next year’s elections. But Whether or not the Republicans can win, I think we’ve come to a very healthy renewal within the party, a renewal lead by two men that can set the record straight.

I’m thinking of Giuliani and Thompson, mainly. Let’s compare them.

Both have a very media-friendly profile. Giuliani was THE Mayor of NY, before, during and after 9/11. He implemented zero-tolerance policies, he restored Times Square and kicked pornography out of there (the only remain could be the ‘naked cowboy’ that signs there) and face one of the most important threats in American History when Bin-Laden stroke the city.

Fred Thompson, on the other hand, has a less interesting profile, but yet manages to catch attention: he investigated the Watergate, had his time in movies and serials, mainly known abroad for L.A. Law, and is back for more, becoming a presidential candidate pretty popular with the “American homeowner” class, which of course, decides.

I truly hope, though, that when both parties decide their candidates, they take into consideration that guy, the “American homeowner”, not picking Hillary, or Obama, but a really serious guy, which campaign won’t be based on a “run out of Iraq” policy, because that could be a disaster, bigger if possible, than Spain picking Zapatero on the aftermath of Madrid’s bombings.


Fin de trayecto

Para el desgbobierno socialista de España, suenan ya los últimos acordes, de esta larga sinfonía del desencuentro que ha durado cuatro años, y que da signos evidentes de desgaste. Su manifestación más grande ha sido, lógicamente, la de la economía, un campo donde, lejos de hacer algo, el vicepresidente segundo Solbes ha terminado por relajarse, poner los pies en alto, y que sea lo que Dios quiera.

Solbes no siempre fue así. Se había ganado el mote de ‘Padre Castrador’ en los infames círculos monclovitas (y ante todo, Delaveganos), por intentar poner freno al despilfarro que caracteriza cualquier Gobierno sociata en Democracia. Que sus posturas iniciales evidentemente no han prosperado lo podemos ver en una economía que ya se sale de todo carril que se le haya intentado poner.

Sólo la crísis en el sector de la vivienda debería hacer presagiar. En cuatro años hemos sido incapaces de buscar otro modelo de locomotora que el ladrillo, propiciando un batacazo que se va a notar de aquí a seis meses, qué casualidad, justo a tiempo para las elecciones. Y ya hay síntomas de que algo anda podrido: cuando los jóvenes necesitan el 150% de su sueldo para pagar una hipoteca es que algo no va.

Añadan a eso que la cesta de la compra se está volviendo cada vez más cara, en la que tenemos que incluir el pan (¡atiza! Vuelve Luis XVI!) , la carne, los huevos… Qué harán las familias cuando el sueldo se lo fundan en pagar la hipotca y comprar comida? Pues evidentemente empezar a renunciar a “lujos innecesarios” lo que generará una bola de nieve importante, y que el señor(ito) Solbes no va a saber parar.

La sinfonía se acaba, sí, pero el final puede ser más digno de Shaeskpeare que de Tchaikosvsky.