Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good night and... Good luck

Permit us to be nostalgic, for a moment. The making of this Weblog has been, with several pauses in between, a matter that has taken us years. Week after week, and post after post we've seeked an opinion of our own in the chaotic stream that is news. we haven't failed, but it has taken us to a point where opinion did not matter no more.

To go on wouldn't be pointless, but our lives have changed since we started, some years ago. Once or twice, we've seen other people write along. It's been fun, and we're all in good terms. However, to-day we've been left to ourselves, and it is not the same. To be a one-man newspaper has been, during all History, a proving task, of which we can't be certain to be worth of.

This document shall prevail, online on Blogger servers, until someone decides to shut down the whole thing. It shall prevail as a testimony of its time. A free opinion, from a Catholic point of view, of how the world was... and became. With terrible blank spaces in between, of course, but... so is the bigger part of History.

Someday, it might born again, but for the sake of our professional goals, we wish to give up a little of our independence, to be a lesser worry to some, and from the selfish attitude that is to be left alone. This is been worth fighting for during some time, but the Weekend Update could not be abandoned at a better moment, where news in Spain, and abroad have no point of continuity, where agendas are too obvious to be unmasked.

And as the "patron saint of American broadcasters" used to end his show...

Good night, and Good luck.

May God bless you all.


Miguel José Ernst-Sandoval said...

Fitting last words for this blog.

It is very time-consuming to keep up a blog and the circumstances in ones life must allow for it. I'm glad that, for the moment, I have time to write one.

The word is always changing, and right now we are seeing the dawn of something big. Holy Mother church is seeing a the dawn of a new Renaissance. It may not be as glorious as the Renaissance of our history books, but it is important and beautiful nonetheless. We are also seeing the world wake up to politics as more and more young adults learn what is going on. We are also, unfortunately, seeing the realization of political agendas contrary to the good of mankind.

In many ways, I feel like the aughties ('00s) are the new sisxties ('60s), but with the rôles reversed. In the past few years I have learned, if anything, that while we must each do our part, we must also let the story play itself out. I only pray that this is a story of a vistory for God, rather than a disaterous and fleeting victory for the world...

God bless you on our journey.

-Miguel José

Charlie Bravo said...

Mick, you'll always have a tribune at KillCastro.

Alfredo said...


No mi hermano do not give up!I know the frustration and joys of running a blog, your talented and we NEED more of what you stand for mi hermano! You are an instrument in bringing out the truth in which many look forward in reading your blog.

Please reconsider and May God bless you!!!!

+Miguel Vinuesa+ said...

Dear Friends,

Thanks for your support. I'm really considering teaming up with people. That should be the way to blog about news. One journalist cannot make any differences, but a group of bloggers can, at least, be heard.

I'm proud, however, to have readers as you guys. In the near future, we could start the Blogtalkradio show with new contents and your comments, and I also will take Charlie's invitation to write in the Killcastro blog. It's a great way to bond with you guys.

Thanks for the opportunity. We'll keep in touch. And Alfredo, my man, I'll keep you informed if I take back the Blogtalkradio show, but for now, you see, this blog has met his purpose.

Hispanicus said...

Hace tiempo que no nos "escribimos y leemos, perdona que entre así de sopetón pero he tocado un tema del que me gustaria saber tu opinión si no te importa, el "tradicionalismo catolico"

Un saludo

+Miguel Vinuesa+ said...

Se hará, viejo amigo. Muchas gracias por avisar.

Hispanicus said...

Me gustaria leerte mas a menudo, escribe un poco más hombre, que la red necesita palabras sabias y razonables que luchen contra el relativismo que nos machaca...

Te he premiado, como no podia ser menos, pasate por mi blog si quieres y lo recoges. ¡Te lo mereces!


+Miguel Vinuesa+ said...

Queridos amigos. Hace años escribí las últimas líneas de mi blog. Será que pasa el tiempo y, profesionalmente, voy especializándome, pero sigo sin aprender. Sigo siendo un bocazas, pero al menos estoy en el sitio correcto para ser leído, con todo lo bueno y lo malo que tiene.

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Un abrazo a todos.