Saturday, October 06, 2007

Myanmar as a Communist state

The recent events in the southern-asian nation of Myanmar have lead to a wave of international protests, which included in the Far-left media several comparisons with regimes such as the one Chile experienced with Pinochet, among others. What the New York Times has tried to hide is that Myanmar does not live in a proper militaristic regime, it lives under the Communist boot.

Think about it: why would China and Russia vote against a resolution in the UN security council, to condemn that regime? Well, for China it's a little more evident, they're basically the same regime, but Russia seems to have changed little from its socialist past when it comes to their foreign affairs. No reporter realised that. it had to be a blogger -not me...-.

Myanmar is definitely one of those nations even Asian people could find difficult to place on the map. It did suffered from the 2004 tsunami, like any country in the area, but it has dragged a communist regime for decades, which turned into "military dictatorship" in 1989. They wanted to look like a Democracy, but they ended up putting in jail Aung San Suu, which, as you might now, has won a Nobel Prize for Peace.

It's very easy to blame Myanmar for being a military dictatorship, but ever since its emancipation from the British, that nation has lived under the communist boot, like it or not. The "junta" responds to a proper party, and it's actively supported by it's bigger brother, China.

Those Chinese folk are pretty smart. They don't "interfere" with their neighbors, but how many of those have suffered communism all along? Vietnam, North Korea, Nepal's marxist guerrillas, Tibet, Cambodia... All of them have painted their lands red with the blood of millions. And now the far-left wants to sell us that the guys in charge there are just the same as Pinochet?

It really takes guts to lie that much everyday and sleeping easy

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