Saturday, December 03, 2005

Minor changes in the world (Week 17)

First of all, let me apologize for publishing so late today the editorial post. Night life might be cool, but the morning after... you know how it's like.

Once that is clear, welcome to Weekend Update!

This week some minor events in the world could trigger changes in what it used to be. First of all, I'll mention Mr. Cunningham stepping down in Capitol Hill. Really unfortunate, outrageous and all you want, but I'll reckon the man has the guts to go out and say it, which is more than most corrupt officials would ever do. Self-conscience does not forgive. Really.

In Argentina, there's been a refit in the cabinet, and unfortunately for the worse. With his remodeling, Kischner is now on loose, ready to wipe out whatever the argentinean economy had achieved. Really fantastic.

In Spain many would like that, though. The current cabinet will lead Mr. Zapatero only to failure. Considering Mr. Montilla, the Minister for Public Works was accused with (guess what) corruption: the Socialist Party in Catalonia received a credit they never paid back. The loaning bank, La Caixa, renegotiated the debt, losing one million Euros out by nothing. Shameful. The man will remain in office. Gentlemen, that's just Spain.

Fortunately, things go on a different path in Italy, where the Pope stills sticks to the "chastity" argument in the AIDS prevention day. Some good things shouldn't change, and His Holiness knows that.

Right. And that will be all for this week. There's no movie critic (José Luis said it was a lousy week, and I agree), and there's no Le Monde neither. Sorry for that. Enjoy!

I'm Miguel Vinuesa and these is news to me!

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