Saturday, July 23, 2005

Roberts, a Justice for the new Millenium

This time, the Post confessed. They are franquly amazed at Roberts' nomination to replace Justice Sarah Day O'Connor. It is true that nobody expected such a move made by Pres. Bush, even if it was pretty expectable: conservative presidents will bring their little bit into the Supreme Court, if they can.

The Congress has the word now, and it appears that Roberts will get support both from Republicans and Democrats... at least, some of them. Of course, Roberts has friends of his own in Congress, of course on both sides, and of course has detractors.

To look at his past, he's got the right cards to play some influence in D.C. A man close to the President, and a man that could be sitting in the Supreme Court for a long time. He's no baby, but he's a pretty young addition. A Justice to last, in short.

Whatever comes out of the political struggle ahead, Bush is going to end imposing a candidate he likes. You won't see the vacancy filled in with a pro-abortionist. Thank God for that

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