Saturday, March 04, 2006

W.POST One step forward

Gentlemen, we've got a deal. India will develop its nuclear power production for civilian uses, and America will provide what the Post calls "know how". This comes in a time when the Asia-Pacific region is at a turning point, and must decide to develop clean industry and go forward or stagnate and become an appendix.

In this context, we should celebrate that tensions with neighboring Pakistan are at an all-time low point. This, of course, favors economic growth in both countries and so the consequent demand of a clean power, in accordance to Kyoto's agreements.

The temptations of developing nuclear power is, of course, of using uranium to make nuclear bombs. The fears of the Bush Administration are then justified, specially considering the recent history between India and Pakistan. Bush has raised an easy speech, like anytime: develop your nuclear plants, but let the International Community have a look on them.

Main fears arise when it comes to speak about the Non-Proliferation treaty, yet unsigned by neither India or Pakistan. A treaty that none of them is ready to ratify yet.

But this is nonetheless a step forward: from an abscence of a treaty, we've got a first agreement, and for those of you in close with Business world, that means that more profound talks will take place sooner or later.

This "trip" from President Bush comes handy. Asia is changing, and countries like India, Pakistan, China, Taiwan, South Korea or Japan are going to be huge, much more than know. They're taking over and we better be in good terms with everyone, back there.

Miguel Vinuesa

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